Hello world!

Hi there,

I thought I should use this first blog to introduce myself and maybe my objectives in starting this blog.

I am as my blog username suggests a sheikh’s wife, married to a sheikh. Now in general and literal meaning of the word, a sheikh means an old man, but this is usually used in the Arab cultures more for respect. My husband is only in his mid 20s so he’s not a sheikh in its literally sense, but sheikh is also used for a scholar, which he is.

Though i do understand that you don’t really any objectives for starting a blog, i’m doing this as a form of encouragement and motivation for continuing this blog, because i’m not really good at doing thing on a continuous basis and somewhere along the line i become either lazy r too busy to continue.

My main aim in doing this is more to cure myself if i can call it that from my many problems and haunting unsolved problems from the past which i guess keeps surfacing and causing problems. I guess by literally recording my thoughts and tracking it, maybe i can help myself to rid alot of the hurt that has accumulated in my heart and mind and the resentment that it is causing in me towards so many people and things. I’m also currently reading a book on Emotional Healing by Gael Lindenfield, and am motivated to try her Emotional Healing Strategy. So I’m going to be using this blog for whining, ranting, and just dismantling my thoughts and trying to understand them, in the hope that I can help myself become happier and stop the hurting.